What is sensenet as a service

In this model sensenet content repositories lives on our cloud infrastructure.

For a monthly subscription fee all your content and data are stored securely by us saving you from all maintenance related tasks and installation, ensuring easy onboarding, easy updates and patches.

How does SNaaS work?

A basic setup of sensenet has three top level parts:

  • a content repository that is the storage and service layer,
  • an application that uses the content of the connected content repository through API calls and 
  • sensenet admin surface that helps you do common content managements tasks or setup and keep your system up to date.


  • no installation required (means easy onboarding)
  • easy patches and upgrades
  • no hosting related tasks
  • central admin surface
  • flexible pricing plans (based on # of content, request, user)

sensenet cloud

SNaaS is now hosted on sensenet's own cloud infrastructure in Europe. In the future we plan to support other popular and well-known cloud providers as well and allow our subscribers to choose the one they need or love making the content delivery even faster by taking advantages of CDN provided by the cloud providers.

Are you interested in having your own repository in the sensenet cloud? Contact us, be an early adopter and get a free repository for a try-out.