In many cases developers and non-developers have to work together during a project. sensenet enables collaborative content management, keeping all your content on a single hub.

Collaboration features

In sensenet it is possible to make real-time editing together with your collaborators, thanks to Office Online Editing. Versioning let's you track changes of documents and other information stored in the repository. With simple approval feature, contents needs to be sent for approval and can only be published when the review is finished and modification requests has been adapted. sensenet let's you easily share not only a single content (like a document) but whole folders or workspace with other users.

What are the advantages?

The admin ui enables the cooperation of developers and non-developers. Collaboration features saves you time of emailing files, store them, and also prevents you from having to reconcile multiple versions of the same document.

See these features in more details (among others) in the following sections!