Integer field

Integer field is used for storing a whole number with value between -(2^31-1) and (2^31-1).

Usage in CTD:

<Field name="NumberOfPages" type="Integer">


The following properties can be set in the field's configuration:

  • MinValue: (optional) defines the allowed minimum value of the input data.
  • MaxValue: (optional) defines the allowed maximum value of the input data.
  • Step: (optional) specifies the value used to increment or decrement input data.

Fully featured example

<Field name="MyIntegerField" type="Integer">
<DisplayName>My integer field</DisplayName>
<Description>Integer content</Description>

The above example configures the Integer field so that:

  • the minimum allowed value is 10
  • the maximum allowed value is 100

React field controls

Integer field's default React field control is the Number control. On how to use it, see the related docs