sensenet is an open source headless content management system (CMS) built mainly for developers and development companies.

Basically it's a content repository where you can store your contents and reach it through APIs. It’s a solid base of your custom solution offering enterprise grade security and permission system, versioning, dynamic content types and even more.

What can you do with it?

You can create, store, edit, organize and publish any type of content.

In sensenet everything is (content). Documents, tasks, users, projects, even system configuration files – everything – are stored and managed in the content repository. It is the foundation that makes content management easy and powerful at the same time. All content items are organized in a (content tree), so you can always think in subtrees and inheritance when managing and presenting content.

In practice this means that sensenet gives you everything you need to build a content based custom solution satisfying a wide variety of business needs.

How can you do it?

Once you understand the ("everything is a content") mindset, you can implement your own business logic by creating custom (content types) or using predefined ones as well.

In sensenet the delivery of content happens through APIs. Your solution requests the content as and when it's needed.

Thanks to its API-first approach it is easy to integrate with, and gives more freedom to the developer to choose the database, framework and programming language at all level of the application development, whether it's a web, desktop or mobile development project.

It is possible to install sensenet in your own environment or with (SNaaS) (sensenet as a service) you can get access to a sensenet instance, this means all your content and data are stored and hosted securely by us saving you from all maintenance related tasks and installation, ensuring easy onboarding, updates and patches.

As open source software sensenet's backend and frontend components' source code is fully public, stored on github. If you want to fully understand how it works in deep or want to help us improve sensenet and fix a bug or contribute a new feature, feel free to do it in the GitHub repositories under the Sense/Net organization.

Need help?

sensenet community is always ready to help you, feel free to ask code-level questions on stackoverflow, add bug reports or feature requests on GitHub or chat with us on gitter.

In case you want to speak with us and learn how to work with sensenet and hear about its capabilities in deep, please contact us to schedule an appointment for a demo session.

It is of course possible to get commercial support. As a subscriber of one of the paid SNaaS plans you get access to our ticketing system, where your can report bugs and ask help from our support team. It is also possible to get special support services like project onboarding, developer consultations, workshops, contact us with your needs and get a tailormade offer.