How to add a query based menu item and screen to the drawer

The Drawer can be customized with the personal settings editor. To add a new menu item select the ⚙️ icon on the left side menu and copy and paste the code below.

"default": {
"drawer": {
"items": [
"itemType": "Query",
"settings": {
"description": "5 Files that modified recently",
"icon": "LinkList",
"title": "Recent files",
"term": "+Type:File .REVERSESORT:ModificationDate .TOP:5",
"columns": ["DisplayName", "ModifiedBy", "ModificationDate"]

You should see exactly one menu item that looks like this.

query view

There are few options that you can use for customization:

  • description - this is shown in the tooltip of the icon
  • icon - predefined set of icons you can choose from. Use CTRL + SPACE to see possible values
  • title - this is shown in two places. In the tooltip and in the view as well
  • term - is a content query
  • columns - array of columns to display. These are the name of the fields on the content