• Method: GET or optionally POST.

Gets summary information about the index. Contains the activity status, field info and a versionId list. Useful in debugging scenarios.

A shortened example:

"IndexingActivityStatus": {
"LastActivityId": 194,
"Gaps": []
"FieldInfo": {
"_Text": 948,
"ActionTypeName": 1,
"Width": 8,
"Workspace": 11,
"WorkspaceSkin": 1
"VersionIds": [ 1, 2, /*....*/ 157, 158, 163 ]

The properties are:

  • IndexingActivityStatus: information about the progress of the indexing process (local index only).
  • FieldInfo: sorted list of indexed fields. Every item is a key-value pair with the field name and the count of terms.
  • VersionIds: sorted list of all indexed versionIds. Note that the versionId is the primary key of index documents.

Request example:

GET /odata.svc/('Root')/GetIndexProperties

Can only be called on the root content.


There are no parameters.

Return value:

Type: IndexProperties.


  • AllowedRoles: Administrators, Developers