• Method: GET or optionally POST.

Queries the index backup state in the system.

The response contains a state, the current backup descriptor (if the backup is running) and a history of backup operations that happened since the application has started. For example:

"State": "Executing",
"Current": {
"StartedAt": "2020-08-26T22:46:29.4516539Z",
"FinishedAt": "0001-01-01T00:00:00",
"TotalBytes": 126,
"CopiedBytes": 42,
"CountOfFiles": 3,
"CopiedFiles": 1,
"CurrentlyCopiedFile": "File2",
"Message": null
"History": []

The available states:

Initialthere has been no backup since the application was launched
Executingthe backup is currently running
Canceledthe last backup operation was canceled without error
Faultedan error occured during the last backup operation
Finishedthe last backup is successfully finished

Request example:

GET /odata.svc/('Root')/QueryIndexBackup

Can only be called on the root content.


There are no parameters.

Return value:

A Task that represents the asynchronous operation and wraps the BackupResponse. (Type: BackupResponse).


  • AllowedRoles: Administrators, Developers