• Method: POST.

Rebuilds the index document of a content and optionally of all documents in the whole subtree. In case the value of rebuildLevel is IndexOnly the index document is refreshed based on the already existing extracted data stored in the database. This is a significantly faster method and it is designed for cases when only the place of the content in the tree has changed or the index got corrupted. The DatabaseAndIndex algorithm will reindex the full content than update the index in the external index provider the same way as the light-weight algorithm.

Request example:

The content provided by the infrastructure.

POST /odata.svc/Root/...('targetContent')/RebuildIndex
"recursive": _value_,
"rebuildLevel": _value_

The targetContent can be any content type


  • recursive (bool): Whether child content should be reindexed or not. Default: false.
  • rebuildLevel (IndexRebuildLevel): The algorithm selector. Value can be IndexOnly or DatabaseAndIndex. Default: IndexOnly


  • AllowedRoles: Administrators, Developers
  • RequiredPermissions: Save