• Method: POST.

Starts a blob write operation by loading an existing content (determined by the requested parent resource and the provided file name) or creating a new one. It puts the content into a multistep saving state and calls StartChunk. This method is used by clients who intend to use the blob storage client to write files directly to the blob storage.

Request example:

Parent content to upload the new file to.

POST /odata.svc/Root/...('targetContent')/StartBlobUploadToParent
"name": _value_,
"contentType": _value_,
"fullSize": _value_,
"fieldName": _value_

The targetContent can be any content type


  • name (string): Name of the new (or existing) content.
  • contentType (string): Content type of the new content.
  • fullSize (long): Size of the whole binary.
  • fieldName (string) optional: Optional custom binary field name, if it is other than 'Binary'.

Return value:

Chunk write token, content id and version id in a JSON object. (Type: string).


  • AllowedRoles: All
  • RequiredPermissions: AddNew