Get children of a content

The requested (parent) resource can be any content in the repository that is permitted for the current user. The resource may be addressed with a content's Path. It returns a list of child entities and all their properties.

If the requested (parent) resource is not found, the server returns a 404 Error status code.

Children of a content (collection)

Service path followed by the path of the container returns child content of the requested parent as a collection.


Count of a collection

Returns the count of items in the requested collection. The value depends on other optional query string parameters ($top, $skip, $filter, query, etc.) and does not depend on the $inlinecount parameter.


This returns a raw integer value.

inlinecount query option

The $inlinecount option controls the __count property's value that can be found in every collection response. Its valid values are: allpages and none (other value causes an error, default value is none).

allpages: count of the whole set (filter, top, skip options are ignored) none: result shows the actual count of items (__count property is not hidden)