Getting started

sensenet has an admin ui to manage repos and do basic content management actions. In the following you can read about the different features of the admin surface.


Since admin ui is a central place to manage sensenet repositories, everyone uses the same site and login screen. First, you need to type the url of the repository you want to connect to, then log in with username and password. Log in to your repo

To test the admin ui without your own repo, you can log in to ours by clicking (here).

You will be logged in with an admin user called Business Cat.

Login to demo repo

Menu and dashboard

Once logged in you can see the admin ui in its whole beauty with different actions in the left pane menu and a nice dashboard with the most important info about your repo.

By default the sidebar has the following items:


search: execute custom searches, build and save queries

content: explore and manage your content in the repository

users and groups: manage users and groups, roles and identities

trash: a place for all trashed items

content types: manage content types (more about content types)

localization: manage string resources

setup: configure sensenet system (more about setup)


In the content pane you can browse the content repo and execute basic document management actions (open, edit properties, copy, move, delete). You can find these actions by clicking the three-dot menu on a content row.

Please note that different content types has different actions.

Content management


Thanks to office online editing, some documents (like word and excel files) can be opened and edited without any desktop app involved.


sensenet has a built-in preview generator which allow users to open pdf, docx, txt and other files in ready only mode. Clicking open on a supported file will bring up the already generated preview images of the content in question.

Open document preview

Add new

By clicking plus button in the sidebar you can add content to repo either by uploading or creating.

Create content

Personal settings

In personal settings you can customize the admin surface

  • content views
  • events and logging
  • language
  • display additional menu items

personal settings