Getting started with sensenet

In the following articles you'll find tutorials to help you start a new project with sensenet using your favourite technology.

You can be a .Net developer or a JavaScript enthusiast we got you covered. Client libraries are available for the most popular technologies and we are working hard to expand the list according to your needs.

  • .Net Core client

    Start your new project using .Net Core client

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  • Asp.Net MVC client

    Start your new project using Asp.Net MVC client

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  • Next.js

    Start your new project using Next.js

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  • React

    Start your new project using React

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If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact us.

To get some inspiration, check our example apps (along with source code) written in React and NextJS. You can check how they work from both sides, since content used by these apps are stored in our public demo repository.

It's possible to go through the following tutorials either by using the demo repository or getting your own for free.